New Limited Edition Collectibles

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with IntigoFigures™ to create unique and exclusive Gumby® figurines, 3D printed just for you. These 3D figures are highly-detailed and come in a variety of sizes, poses, and styles.

Intigo Figures exclusive 3D printing platform allows you to customize a Gumby figure exactly as you want him and have him printed just for you! Simply choose a Gumby figure by the date he was introduced, then select his pose, a base, and size. Intigo Figures’ technology allows nearly endless possibilities.

Have you noticed that Gumby looks a little different in the various episodes? With each new batch of Gumby episodes, Art Clokey made a few tweaks to the clay puppets. Now for the first time ever, you can have a collectible figure of your favorite Gumby or collect one from every era.

Gumby’s silhouette is so iconic so you may not have noticed some of the subtle changes. Gumby’s color shifted through the years based on clay availability. Art had a secret recipe that he altered slightly to make each new batch of Gumby shows stand out from the rest. Gumby’s shape changed as well. In the 1960s Gumby’s head had a convex curve (an arch) instead of a concave one as in the 1950s. The 1950’s Gumby had small red beads for eyes, while he had flat black discs for pupils in the ’60’s and ’80’s. The 1980’s Gumby had a more rounded bump than the 1950’s versions which were pointier.

Intigo has also designed limited edition Gumby Christmas baubles, which are available here.

Order your customized, 3D printed Gumby figurines here.