Gumby and Friends

Welcome! Come on in and get to know Gumby and his friends. Discover how Gumby was created and how he got his name. Learn some interesting facts about Gumby’s history and some secrets about his best friends. Click on a photo or name to find out more about each of the characters from the shows.


The star of the show, the original clayboy


Gumby’s best friend and sidekick

Prickle and Goo

Prickle and Goo

Gumby’s good friends

The Blockheads

Blockheads puzzled and angry

“J” and “G” – the mischievous troublemakers

Gumbo and Gumba

Gumbo, Gumba and Minga

Gumby’s parents


Gumby and Minga

Gumby’s little sister

Professor Kapp

Professor Kapp

Gumby’s scientific go-to guy


Denali - Gumby's Mastodon pal

Gumby’s Mastodon pal

The Groobee

The Groobee with Pokey

The helpful bee


Nopey and Pokey

Gumby’s dog


Tara - Gumby's girlfriend

Gumby’s girlfriend in The Gumby Movie

The Clayboys

Gumby and the Clayboys band

Gumby’s band in The Gumby Movie