About Gumby and Gumby’s Studios

Gumby was once a little green slab of clay. He came to life in 1955, when Art Clokey was asked by a Hollywood producer if he would be interested in improving television programming for children. You see, young Art had shown the producer his art film, Gumbasia, in which clay forms moved to the beat of jazz music. It was a cutting-edge, surrealistic art film, employing the kinesthetic principles of filmmaking… and, that was the beginning of modern clay animation (and the first music video!) Art Clokey was a true pioneer in the realm of stop motion animation. His work has influenced countless budding artists and filmmakers. Art and his studio crews went on to produce 234 Gumby episodes. As if they weren’t busy enough with Gumby, Art and his first wife Ruth, also created and produced the Davey and Goliath series.

No doubt, you watched Gumby on TV at some point in your life. Syndicated nationally and internationally for decades, topping the rating charts year after year, Gumby has touched us all and is one of the world’s most loved pop-culture icons. Good-hearted, flexible and very adventurous, Gumby can walk into any book, (or computer, cell phone… oven or mirror) to enter another dimension of time and place. From the Paleolithic era to millennia beyond our comprehension, Gumby is always ready for the next adventure.

The producers and crew at Clokey Productions and Premavision (Gumby’s studios) invite you to explore this website to discover more about Art Clokey, Gumby and Gumby’s World. We challenge you to find an interesting fact or two that you didn’t already know about Gumby. Put your feet up, stay a while, watch some video clips, and have some fun. We sure do!

Clokey Productions and Premavision studios, under the vision of Joe Clokey and Joan Rock Clokey, carry on Art Clokey’s legacy. Feature films, direct-to-DVD films, television series, music videos, promotions, ads—anything and everything stop motion—our studio makes it happen.

Gumby productions draw the best talent, and we’re very appreciative of the creativity, smarts, dedication, and friendship that our part of our Gumby World. Our Friends page acknowledges some of these talented individuals.