Groovy Groobee

Gumby has a little protector that keeps him from any number of dangers: wild animals, falling objects, and the infamous Blockheads. It’s called the Groobee, and it was both a savior and a nuisance at the same time.

Art told us that the Groobee “was another instrument that Gumby could use in his adventures to overcome obstacles.”

The Groobee is the little bee Gumby keeps in a cage. One of its arms is in the shape of a hammer. When Gumby lets it out, it flies right at any large moving object and builds a crate around it. It stops the animal or person or whatever right there in mid-air. Art chuckled, “In one of the first episodes the Groobee crated a gorilla while it was swinging on the vine. That was amazing.” The only problem with the Groobee was it did not know when to stop. It would just keep on crating everything in sight until Gumby called it back into its little cage with an ultrasonic whistle.

We asked Art how he came up with the Groobee.

“It’s my Muses. Whenever people asked my father where he found the inspiration for writing his 200-plus music compositions, he would always say it was his muses. That’s all I can say. It came from the universe just like anything else. I can’t take the credit for it.”

The Groobee on Safari