The Clay Peacock

In 1963, Art made a clay version of the peacock for NBC TV that was used as an opening for the Dinah Shore Show, which was sponsored by Chevrolet. “We made an opening that was like Gumbasia for a couple of shows. When the producer and the advertising agency people saw the opening of the animated peacock, they said, ‘This is much more fascinating than the show!’ “(Incidentally, some of you Baby Boomers out there may remember the Dinah Shore Show Easter Special, in which Dinah danced with a big bunny. Art and his studio crew were the ones who created the special effect by animating the 3-foot tall, foam rubber rabbit, and using blue screen technique, to make it appear as though it were dancing with Dinah.)

In the mid 70s, Art and his second wife Gloria revived that clay action and turned it into a clay animated music video called The Clay Peacock. Michael Boddicker, who was doing the sound and music for Art’s other art film Mandala, developed the sound of the peacock. Art said Michael had recorded several Platinum Records, and that he was a genius.  After working for Art, Michael, a genius on the synthesizer went on to do Michael Jackson’s top selling albums, among others. His music on Art’s films is truly amazing and fits the mood perfectly—just the way Art envisioned it.


A Clip from the Clay Peacock