Licensing: Gumby’s an All-Star

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With a long, successful history, exceptionally high awareness today and an exciting future ahead, Gumby is a brand that speaks to all generations. People don’t just like Gumby, they say, “I LOVE Gumby!” Through the years, Gumby has appeared on just about every product imaginable. Nearly every person in the U.S., over the age of twelve, watched Gumby on television at some point—234 episodes, which aired over and over with top ratings, are hard to miss.


Gumby is a pop-culture icon with a timeless quality. He is an evergreen brand—a four-quadrant, family-friendly property with a huge following spanning all demographics. Those under twelve are enjoying the Adventures of Gumby online and on DVD’s as parents and grandparents share the excitement and wonder that Gumby brought to their lives. Teens and adults are into the edgy, surrealistic quality that Art Clokey achieved in his work. Having aired in 146 countries, Gumby is known worldwide, and is currently experiencing a resurgence in the U.S., Japan and Australia.

Wildly popular with the Facebook generation, Gumby drives millions of hits for YouTube mash-ups and user-created content. Gumby avatars pop up everywhere—on cell phones, games, personal web pages… Gumby is synonymous with flexibility, and he is part of the common vernacular with ongoing references to professional athletes and others exhibiting flexibility. “Semper Gumby” is the motto of the Marines and Navy. Fans dress up as Gumby at major sporting events, and you’ve probably seen a number of celebrities sporting Gumby hairdos or wearing Gumby-green inspired fashions. Schools in Florida are expanding their “Stretch for Excellence” program, rewarding children who reach their goals.


The brand has had a strong retail presence for more than 50 years. Products are sold in specialty retailers (Cost Plus, Toys ‘R Us, Spencers…), trend-setters (Urban Outfitters, Old Navy…) and mass (Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s…) The licensing avalanche began when 13 million bendable toys were sold in just a few short years in the 1960’s. New waves of licensing continue with each successive generation. Products licensed include: toys, apparel, collectibles, plush, gifts, stationery, paper products, books, comics, jewelry, edibles, bedding, housewares and just about everything else. Gumby has also promoted other high-profile brands (products, services, TV networks, sports teams…)


Gumby is associated with adventure, imagination, creativity, flexibility, optimism, good heartedness and green. Fans of all ages have a strong emotional connection with Gumby. He is an every-man hero who always leaves a place better than when he found it.

“If you’ve got a heart, then Gumby’s a part of you.”


The Premavision and Clokey Productions studios are available to produce the Gumby animations or any new stop motion animation you can conceive. Send us an email, and let’s get the clay ball rolling.