Little Sis Minga

Minga, Gumby’s little sister in the late 80’s, is pure clay just like Gumby. She’s pink through and through. She gets into her fair share of trouble: she takes off on a flying carpet and disappears in one episode, and she gets stuck in an abandoned mine shaft in another. Gumby rescues her often, and Minga ensures her older brother doesn’t get too bossy or over-confident. They have a very common brother-sister bond, much like Davey and Sally in the Davey and Goliath series. Minga likes to explore as much as her brother, and there are many adventures, such as “Lost in Chinatown,” where Minga is the main character.

Minga is voiced by Holly Harman, the daughter of Art’s second wife Gloria. Holly is an accomplished artist, who joined up with the 80’s series and 90’s movie to help with sets, props and painted backgrounds. Her current project is a wonderful children’s book, Gumby Goes to the Sun, which she wrote and illustrated to honor her mom and Art.

Minga in “Wild Horse”