Promotional Spots

Gumby has appeared in numerous ads and promotions throughout the years, including live appearances, stop motion animation for TV, and print ads.) Good-natured, adventurous, flexible and green, Gumby’s nature shines through.

Gumby is a pop-culture icon who captures our imagination and aspirations, encouraging us to dream big. Want to be a basketball star? No problem. With Gumby on your team, you can’t go wrong. He represents flexibility and is often seen at sporting events. Here are just a few clips.

The Astrobots

Promo Spot for GameboySP

Gumby Schools Iverson

Philadelphia 76ers Promo

Gumby Goes for the Gold

2004 Olympics Spot

Gumby Groovin’

with Bob Dylan and Will I Am

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

Title Animation for the Film