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Gumby has some new apps to allow you to bring Gumby into your life in a playful way.

Gumby and Pokey Pocket Avatars App

Pocket Avatars

Chat funner! Be Gumby or Pokey as you message or chat. Intel’s new Pocket Avatar app creates instant animation. Simply record a message, and the app maps your voice and facial expressions onto an image of Gumby or Pokey.  It’s instant animation. Send the message to friend via text or email to get the conversation started or post to your favorite social media sites.

How it works: The camera captures moving faces, lighting conditions and a range of emotions such as smiles, blinking eyes or kisses. The recordings are processed through an algorithm and then mapped on the avatar in real time to create personalized video messages. Emoticons have been a standard tool for expressions in text messaging. An animated chat that reflects a real person’s mood is more engaging. If a user is angry or happy, the avatar will show it.

Channel your inner Gumby or Pokey, and send messages with more creative flair!

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Gumby 'N Me AppGumby ‘N Me Photo App

The free Gumby ‘N Me app allows you to insert Gumby, Pokey and the Blockheads into any photo taken on your iPhone. You can adjust the size and contrast of the characters and add text. Having a beach party? Message your friends with a photo of Gumby making a sandcastle with your friends, or share a photo on Facebook of your friends at a sporting event cheering your team on with Gumby and Pokey. Gumby, Pokey, you and your friends… make some new memories.

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Watch Gumby Episodes

The Gumby episodes have been recently re-mastered, and you can watch them on selected network TV stations, free on-demand cable, streaming services and new DVD releases. Learn more here.