Gumby Goes Global

Newly re-mastered episodes now available for worldwide distribution!

Premavision, the creators and rights holding company for the iconic property Gumby, has just made available 209 episodes (65×30 mins.) of recently re-mastered content for TV and digital broadcast. Gumby’s back bigger, brighter and more fun than ever! Check out these fun clips to see the power of Gumby:

Sizzle Reel – Gumby Highlights

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Clip from the 90’s Gumby Movie

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Clip from 80’s Episode “Skateboard Rally”

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Montage of Clips from the First Series

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Clip from “The Groobee” A 60’s Episode

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Montage of Clips from the Third Series

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The Power of Gumby

Gumby, the world’s original clayboy, captivates our imaginations and our hearts.

He was once a little green slab of clay. Gumby! Now he can morph into any shape. With his pony pal Pokey, he can walk into any book to be magically transported to locales near and far. His fun-filled, mesmerizing adventures come to pass in current, historical and future times. No matter what kind of jam he finds himself in, Gumby proves to be an everyman hero who always leaves a place better than how he found it. Inspiring and irresistible! Here are some Gumby highlights:


  • Top-Rated: A proven success, “The Adventures of Gumby” series, has aired on major networks in 146 countries, garnering top ratings.
  • High Awareness: Gumby is a widely recognized, beloved pop culture icon. This four-quadrant, family-friendly brand has a huge following spanning all demographics.
  • Evergreen: Gumby is timeless and continues to enchant generation after generation. A licensing powerhouse, Gumby products are always in style.
  • Current Vernacular: Gumby, synonymous with “flexibility,” invites references to professional “Gumbyesque” athletes and others exhibiting flexibility. “Semper Gumby” is the motto of the Marines and Navy.
  • Digital Icon: Wildly popular with the Facebook generation, Gumby drives millions of hits for YouTube mashups and user-created content. Gumby avatars pop up everywhere.
  • Emotional Connection:  Fans develop a strong, heartfelt and life-long connection with Gumby. “If you’ve got a heart, then Gumby’s a part of you.”
  • Inventive Adventures: Unique, creative, and sometimes surreal. The stories (revealed through tactile art and action-packed stop-motion animation) engage and entertain, stirring imaginations.
  • Wholesome Character: Kind, caring, helpful, optimistic… Gumby does the right thing and makes us smile.

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