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1980’s Episode List

Episode 1: Mirror-Aculous Recovery

Gumby and Pokey enter Mir-Land, but the Blockheads break the mirror, trapping them inside! When Goo and Prickle unsuccessfully try to rescue them, they turn to Professor Kapp for help.

Episode 2: As the Worm Turns

At the farm Gumby and his friends try to save their earthworm pals from the crop-dusting, insecticide-loving Blockheads and their evil schemes.

Episode 3: Lost Treasure

Peril and magic beans are afoot when Gumby and his friends are talked into buying a mysterious 200-year-old pirate box. Avast ye Gumby! Avast!

Episode 4: The Beetle and the Caterpillar

The Blockheads sell their forestland to the County, who plans to build a highway next to Gumby’s farm. Gumby comes up with a plan to drive away the County with his new beetle friend!

Episode 5: Gumbot

Gumby gets kidnapped and turned into a robot by the Blockheads. It’s up to Prickle, Pokey and Goo to save the day!

Episode 6: Guitar Magic

You break it, you buy it!  Gumby’s skateboarding steers him into a guitar shop, where he damages a magical guitar. Goo calls the repairman, but it’s the Blockheads in disguise, who steal it for their band.

Episode 7: A Miner Affair

Gumby and his friends have a concert at the Tombstone Gulch Opera House. On their way they are taken hostage by an irate miner. Will the gang escape to get to their concert on time? Of course! Thanks to Gumby’s ingenious plan!

Episode 8: All Cooped Up

The Blockheads have chicken-napped Tilly and taken her to a chicken farm. She flies the coop and convinces Gumby to help improve working conditions for chickens everywhere!

Episode 9: Wild Girls

After a sell-out concert, Gumby and the band are chased by a horde of fans. The band escapes and decides to visit a café in Paris to relax, but the fans catch up with them. Mon Dieu!

Episode 10: A Smashing Hit

While playing at the Cherry Festival, Prickle plays a high note on his new clarinet, smashing all the glass in the city! The band makes a quick escape into a book and meets an evil Doctor who turns animals into glass!

Episode 11: The Music Ball

A top-secret box is dropped from a plane in the sky, landing on Gumby’s farm. When the band starts rehearsing, a golden ball explodes from the box! The Blockheads sneak in and steal the ball when the band takes a break.

Episode 12: The Elephant and the Dragon

Sad King Ott requests Gumby’s presence in his Royal Kingdom! It’s up to Gumby to resolve the feud between Wagner, the elephant, and Figaro, the dragon.

Episode 13: Birthday Party in the Middle Ages

King Ott gives a party in honor of Gumby’s birthday, inviting all of his family and friends.  It looks like the Blockheads have something else in mind though.

Episode 14: Strange Circus Animals

Gumby laments about missing the circus, so he and the gang decide to put one on themselves! They all split up to find volunteers to help them with their greatest show on earth! Gumby finds Denali the elephant along the way and invites him to live at the farm!

Episode 15: The Fliver 500

Gumby and Pokey race in the Fliver 500, but Professor Kapp is late in delivering his new remarkable motor-fuel! Will Gumby and Pokey finish first? Or will the Blockheads prevail with their cheating ways?

Episode 16: A Gumby Day

I’m melting! I’m melting! After worrying his mother by disappearing down the drain in the shower, Gumby has breakfast with his family and heads out for his busy day training Denali and picking vegetables.

Episode 17: The Search

Gumby has to discover the Golden Rule for his school homework. Stuck for ideas, he convinces his friends to help him on his hunt. The gang heads to an old book store to look for clues, where Prickle figures that the Golden Rule must be in the book of the Golden Fleece!

Episode 18: Gumby’s Circus

It’s the Gumby-est show on earth! Gumby and the gang finally open their circus, with all their friends performing their tricks. Looks like the Blockheads are acting like clowns again trying to spoil the show!

Episode 19: Melon Felons

Gumby asks Denali to look after his watermelons while the band plays at a concert. After spraying ‘Alive Super Grow’ plant solution on them, Denali goes to sleep, allowing the Blockheads to harvest the new crop and steal Gumby’s melons!

Episode 20: Shrink-a-Dink

Professor Kapp invites Gumby and the gang to his laboratory to show them his new invention: a Shrink-a-dink! When a tired and hungry Pokey accidentally shrinks the others, they have to figure out a way to reverse the machine and return to full size!

Episode 21: The Big City

After Denali breaks Gumby’s guitar, the gang head to the city to shop for new one.  Pokey chooses to stay home while the others enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big smoke, getting held up by a robber along the way!

Episode 22: A Cottage for Granny

Gumby’s grandmother gets swindled into buying a new house after Gumby is late to meet her and she breaks her glasses. Gumby arrives just in time to save the day and get her money back!

Episode 23: The Big Squirt

Prickle takes Professor Kapp’s new plant spray to the farm to give it to Gumby, squirting toys and bringing them to life along the way. Goo and Pokey then accidentally clean the car and tractor with the spray, bringing them to life as well!

Episode 24: Witch Way

It’s a galactic Gumby adventure! Minga disappears while playing with Prickle, so it’s up to Prickle and Gumby to search for her in the science-fiction book, The Star Witch!

 Episode 25: The Astrobots

It’s a case that only Gumby can solve! Gumby’s grandmother visits Gumby and Pals Detective Agency for help in finding the USA’s national heroes who are disappearing from the history books!

Episode 26: Educational TV

Gumby and the gang go to Gumby’s house to watch the World Series on his new big-screen TV, but Minga’s none to happy about missing her show. She jumps into the TV to spoil the gang’s baseball game, but Gumby switches the channel, leaving her stuck on a pirate ship!

Episode 27: Denali’s House

Gumby and his friends organize a new house for Denali after his feet break the floor in Gumby’s barn! Tilly takes care of the farm and watches the carpenters while Gumby and the band go to a concert.

Episode 28: Humbug

Gumby, Pokey, Prickle and Goo go sledding in Santa’s Land. The Blockheads join forces with Ebenezer Scrooge to put an end to the Christmas celebrations!

Episode 29: A Dolly for Minga

Gumba washes Minga’s favorite doll, Arlene, in the washing machine, damaging her in the process. Goo and Minga catch the train into town to find a new doll. When Minga finds the perfect new doll, it’s much too big! So they ask Professor Kapp for his help.

Episode 30: The Wind Bag

Ebenezer Scrooge tries to find King Ott’s wizard to obtain a bag of wind. Cadwallider informs Gumby of Scrooge’s presence in King Ott’s castle, so Gumby, Goo and Denali set out to thwart Scrooge’s plans.

Episode 31: Little Lost Girl

Minga falls into a hole while exploring a cavern and Gumba gets worried when she doesn’t return home. Gumba sends Gumby and Prickle out to find her, with a little help from Denali as well.

Episode 32: Children for Sale

While Gumby reads a story about the Children’s Crusade to the rest of the gang, the children from the story fall out from the book. Gumby convinces the rest of the gang that they can save the children from their imprisonment.

Episode 33: A Lotta Hot Air

With Denali’s help Gumby sets up his new hot air balloon so that he, Pokey and Prickle can go for a ride.  When the balloon runs out of gas, they get stranded in the wilderness, leaving them to figure out how to escape Bigfoot and get home safely.

Episode 34: The Wild Horse

Gumbo tells Minga a story about a horse named Cloud before bedtime. In the story, Tom, Sally and their parents live on a ranch in Arizona, breeding and training horses. When Sally’s father has trouble training Cloud, it’s up to Sally to see that the job is done.

Episode 35: Of Note

The Blockheads steal the C note from Gumby’s guitar with a digital sampler, preventing him from rehearsing for a concert. Gumby and the band pull together to get back the note so they can play their concert unhindered!

Episode 36: Fun Day

After Gumby has trouble with the shower at home one morning, he heads to school only to find out that the school has declared the day ‘Fun Day’. Gumby spends the day having fun, but gets himself into trouble as well.

Episode 37: The Plant

It’s Gumby’s mom’s birthday, and he decides to by her a plant. To make it grow quicker he swings by Professor Kapp’s place to give it a ride in his centrifuge. Nothing happens… until Gumba plants it.

 Episode 38: Merry-Go-Pumpkin

Could anything be better then spending your birthday at Pumpkin Land birthday amusement park, the most pumpkiny place on Earth? Minga doesn’t think so.

Episode 39: Minga – Sitting

Gumby’s parents are going to the Fireman’s Ball so Gumby has to babysit his little sister, Minga. But Minga doesn’t want to go to bed!

Episode 40: A Real Seal

The Blockheads trap Prickle in the farm book but there’s trouble when Tilly’s house catches on fire and the Fire Brigade can’t get into the book.

Episode 41: Naughty Boy

One of Gumby’s classmates, Thomas Pitz, has been truant for several days in a row…and Astrobots have started to wreak havoc at the school. Gumby wonders if these things may be connected.

Episode 42: Hatching Out

It’s Jurassic fun!  Gumby has a crazy dream that a Tyrannosaurus terrorizes the farm.

Episode 43: Time Kapp-Sule

Professor Kapp has invented a real time machine and together with Gumby, Pokey and Denali, goes for a trip to Egypt, 2001 B.C.

Episode 44: Band Contest

It’s the Battle of the Bands! The Gumbys enter a band contest and go head to head against the Blockheads’ band, The Block Rockers, to win the prize.

Episode 45: Geese Grief

Gumbo tells Prickle that Minga is forbidden to go into the Sorcerer’s Apprentice book, but when Minga is playing she accidentally slides into the book.

Episode 46: Fox Hunt

A fox comes to Gumby’s farm to find a chicken to eat. While Gumby and his friends are rehearsing, the fox sees Tilly and attacks her.

Episode 47: The Lost Arrow

The gang finds a mysterious arrow on the farm. While they search for the owner, they come across the Monkey Man who the Blockheads hold captive.

Episode 48: Command Performance

Gumby and his friends are asked to perform for King Ott, but on the way an evil knight hijacks them, and Gumby is challenged to a joust.

Episode 49: Sleepy Time Robbers

The Blockheads have come up with a brilliant plan! They’ve stolen some sleeping potion from King Ott’s sorcerer and have taken it into a sleepy old-West book.

Episode 50: Balloonacy

It’s Denali’s birthday, so Gumby and Pokey get some balloons for the party. As well as some normal helium balloons, they decide to pick up some magic, self-inflating animal balloons.

Episode 51: Picnic

Gumby, friends and family all go on a picnic one lovely day. When ants start crawling all over the chocolate cake, Gumby decides to shrink himself down and reason with them.

Episode 52: Wild Train Ride

Runway train!  Minga, Prickle and Granny’s train ride goes haywire when the Blockheads think it would be fun to lock the engineers in the men’s room, sending the train on a wild joy ride.

Episode 53: Funtasia

Pokey and Prickle are having a wonderful time playing catch with a wooden block, when suddenly it turns into a man with a camera, who takes their picture, eats his camera and manifests into a variety of monsters.

Episode 54: Rip Van Prickle

Prickle falls into such a deep sleep that when he wakes, the world as he knows it is no more. He decides to look for his friends, and in the process, makes some startling discoveries.

Episode 55: Great Mastadon Robbery

Those naughty Blockheads have a plan to lure Denali out of his home with a trail of peanuts, take him to the zoo and sell him for handfuls of money!

Episode 56: Young Granny

Granny gets cheated by the Blockheads! Again! They trick her into thinking they have made her younger by spray painting her hair and removing the lenses from her glasses so she can’t see her wrinkles.

Episode 57: The Abominable Dough Man

Minga has some spare time while she waits for her bread to rise, so she watches a program about the Abominable Snowman. She falls asleep and has a horrible nightmare.

Episode 58: Ostrich Feathers

Nifty, the dancing ostrich, escapes his captors, the Blockheads. With them hot on his tail, he seeks help and shelter from Gumby.

Episode 59: Blocks in the Head

After staying up all night studying cubism, Gumby finally goes to bed only to have a nightmare that everyone in his class has a cubic head, even himself.

Episode 60: Gumby’s Close Encounters

… of the plasticine kind. While driving through the country with his friends, Gumby finds himself to be the victim of a horrible abduction by aliens, who need his strong genes to rebuild their race.

Episode 61: Arctic Antics

Read all about it! Read all about it! It’s a groundbreaking news story for Goo and her news crew as they take a helicopter ride to prove once and for all that Alaska really exists.

Episode 62: Runaway Camel

Lost, Muhammad and his camel end up at Gumby’s farm one day. Gumby and gang show their hospitality and, in return, Gumby is given a magic carpet, and Minga gets to ride on the camel.

Episode 63: Flying Carpet

The Blockheads, along with an evil one-eyed robot car salesman, convince Granny to spend her money on a car that lives up to its 10-mile warranty.

Episode 64: Gumbitty Doo Dah

While Gumby and Prickle are playing, the mischievous Blockheads come up with a plan to impersonate Gumby to steal their ball.

Episode 65: Gumby Music Video

Lights! Camera! Action! Gumby and his band get to make their first music video and everyone pitches in.

Episode 66: Lost in Chinatown

Minga and Granny head out to do some shopping in Chinatown, but while Granny is occupied, Minga decides to don a replica of a royal robe and do a little time travelling through a tapestry.

Episode 67: Joker’s Wild

One day, the Joker finds out that he can’t make the King and Queen of Diamonds laugh anymore, now that they’ve heard all of his jokes. He gets banished and goes to Gumby’s place, where he tells his tale of woe.

Episode 68: Minga’s Folly

Minga is sad because she is not allowed to have a pet horse. Prickle decides to take her shopping for a pet more suitable, like a bird.

Episode 69: High as a Kite

Gumby and Prickle get excited about entering a kite stunt contest in the hopes of winning a free trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

Episode 70: Denali Blues

Denali is feeling sad about being too big and not being able to fit in, so he decides to go see Professor Kapp about his Shrink A Dink machine.

Episode 71: Gumbastic

Gumby has a fight with a vending machine that won’t give him his soda. After it sprouts a face and spits soda on him, Gumby sticks his hand up the slot where the sodas come out and gets sucked in.

Episode 72: Little Denali Lost

Denali gets himself shrunk and goes on a binge of carnival rides, train rides and other things tiny people take for granted.

Episode 73: Goo and the Queen (Part One)

Goo is on her way to the children’s hospital. A strange pterodactyl stops her and tells her a story that she is the only one who can save his ailing queen. Goo follows him and gets captured.

Episode 74: Goo and the Queen (Part Two)

Goo is locked in the tower. Using the radio hidden in her hair she contacts Gumby, and the gang organizes a plan for her rescue.

Episode 75: Moving Experience

Gumby’s family is moving to a new house. Unfortunately, they hire the Blockheads as their furniture movers, and they proceed to break everything.

Episode 76: Prickle’s Baby Brudder

Prickle’s little brother comes for a visit! It seems that he’s been accused of burning down a small village, and Saint George The Knight is after his head. Gumby and Prickle decide that the best thing to do is to take him back to face his accusers.

Episode 77: My-O-Maya

At school Gumby and his friends are given an assignment to do on the Mayans. Gumby decides they should go look for a reference book that will help them with their project.  They find the book as well as a lot more than they bargained for.

Episode 78: Goo’s Music Video

Goo’s having problems writing the script for the band’s new music video, until she’s inspired by a dream involving geysers, caves and bears. Oh my!

Episode 79: Clayfully Yours

This story opens on a river: Prickle and his sweetheart are picnicking; the surly Blockheads are baiting the crocodiles and Gumby is getting into a fight with his TV set.

Episode 80: Proxy Gumby

Gumby’s new computer arrives, equipped with the latest electronic cloning abilities.  Gumby makes a clone of himself to perform his daily routine so that he can sit at home, eat donuts and watch game shows all day.

Episode 81: Goo’s Pies

Pokey and Prickle are handing out ads about Goo’s Pies. To keep up with demand, Goo orders robots to help with the baking, but all goes awry when the Blockheads get involved.

Episode 82: Robot Farm

Will they ever learn? Gumby and his friends are sick of the farm and just want to concentrate on the band, so they decide to get some robots to take over their chores.  While they are away, the robots go astray.

Episode 83: The Forbidden Mine (Part One)

Gumby’s got a surprise for his friends—a picnic at the very edge of the Grand Canyon.  After their lunch they decide to go exploring and come across an abandoned mine.

Episode 84: The Forbidden Mine (Part Two)

After the earthquake, Gumby and Prickle move the rocks out of the way, only to find that the mine is flooding and the elevator doesn’t work!  It’s up to Goo to fly to the surface and get some help.

Episode 85: Clay Play

It’s another wacky day in the life of Gumby! After stepping into a dance book he joins Prickle in some modern dance, which involves Gumby turning into a ball and Prickle transforming into a weird robot that sprays Gumby with water.

Episode 86: The Knight Mare

To dream the impossible dream. To fight the unbeatable foe! It’s Don Quixote and the windmill! But Quixote doesn’t quite belong in Gumbyland. Santa Maria!

 Episode 87: Skateboard Rally

Gumby and the band perform at a skateboard rally, but first Gumby needs to pick up his new skateboard and stop for a power shake. As the band members enjoy their drinks, the Blockheads steal Gumby’s skateboard.

Episode 88: Space Oddity (Part One)

Ground control to Major Gumby! When the Blockheads notice Gumby, Pokey and Minga walking into a planetarium on the page of a book, they proceed to cut the page out, fix it to a crossbow and fire it into the book, Space Voyage.

Episode 89: Space Oddity (Part Two)

Gumby, Pokey and Minga prepare to leave the planetarium book only to find that they are on a space ship owned by the queen witch, Xena, who imprisons them.

Episode 90: Best in the Block

Gumby’s aunt, Gumbetta and her family, are visiting Gumby. It seems that Gumby’s uncle got a new job nearby and his relatives are house hunting in neighborhood.

Episode 91: The Lost Birthday Present

It’s Gumby’s birthday, and he’s getting a beautiful grand piano. Prickle and Pokey tow it home on the trailer, but when they stop to pick out a matching candelabrum, the Blockheads detach the trailer and hide the piano.

Episode 92: To Bee or Not to Bee

The Groobee’s cousins, the honeybees, need help desperately, because their entire hive is sick, so Gumby shrinks himself and goes to investigate.

Episode 93: Just Train Crazy

While Gumby is out for his dental appointment, Denali accidentally smashes his prized model train. Pokey and Prickle go look for a new train and end up on a magical ride.

Episode 94: Wickiups and Bulrushes

It’s Native American Week and Gumby’s band is putting on concerts for a different tribe each day. Goo and Denali visit the tribes delivering invites, but end up in the crossfire of a tribal fight!

Episode 95: Pokey à la Mode

Pokey is sleeping next to some baking cookies; the smell prompts him to dream that he visits a cookie factory.

Episode 96: Kangaroo Express

Gumby and the band are off to play a concert in Melbourne, Australia! Thanks to Gumby’s portable Shrink-a-Dink, they carry all their equipment in their pockets, but they take a wrong turn on the way and end up at Ayre’s Rock.

Episode 97: Kid Brother Kids

The Gumbys are performing a concert in an old West ice cream parlor. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong when the Kid Brothers show up and start an ice-cream fight.

Episode 98: Time Out

Father Time is having trouble sleeping, making all the clocks are go mad! Gumby and his friends visit Professor Kapp for help.

Episode 99: For the Graduate

It’s Gumby’s graduation, so Minga and Prickle are off to buy him present. Minga gets herself in all sorts of trouble, which leads to Prickle getting hurt.