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1960’s Episode List

Episode numbers continue from the 1950’s.

Episode 44: The Zoops

(5:41) – 1962

An old man sells Gumby a potion that turns watermelons into strange animals that zip around crying “zoop, zoop!” There is trouble when the magic potion is washed off.

Episode 45: Even Steven

(5:41) – 1962

A pair of comical mischief-makers scheme to take Gumby’s money away from him when he and Pokey decide to take a vacation.

Episode 46: The Glob

(5:31) – 1962

Gumby is a sculptor. His large glob of clay comes to life. It chases him and Pokey through a toyshop and into a book where Dill Pickle ‘shoots it out’ with the glob for a surprise ending.

Episode 47: Chicken Feed

(5:37) – 1962

A new chicken feed that Gumby gives his pet chicken causes the chicken to grow as big as a house. It takes the fire department and the animal doctor to finally rescue the situation.

Episode 48: Hidden Valley

(5:38) – 1962

Gumby and Pokey riding an antique car, land in a hidden valley where they discover dinosaurs surviving since 170 million years ago.

Episode 49: The Groobee

(5:42) – 1962

Gumby captures several wild animals for the zoo with the help of a bee who builds wooden crates instead of honeycomb.

Episode 50: The Witty Witch

(5:45) – 1962

A helicopter-flying witch captures Gumby and Pokey. They fear a terrible fate but the witch surprises them by revealingly she is merely a friendly, underappreciated slapstick comedian who captures her audience literally.

Episode 51: Hot Rod Granny

(5:41) – 1962

After her glasses are broken, an elderly woman mistakes Gumby’s hot rod for her old car. While driving his hot rod, she is chased by a motor cop through exciting sequences.

Episode 52: Ricochet Pete

(5:45) – 1962

While acting as a sheriff in a western town, Gumby encounters the town terror, Ricochet Pete. Gumby devises a unique method for reforming Pete.

Episode 53: Northland Follies

(5:51) – 1962

Gumby and Pokey are stowaways on an army air cargo plane. They are dropped o top of an igloo where a walrus and a bird live. Before they can return home, Gumby and Pokey must repair the igloo.

Episode 54: Small Planets

(5:51) – 1962

Gumby runs away from doing work at home by entering a space book. His exploration of three small planets convince him there is no place like home.

Episode 55: Sad King Ott’s Daughter

(6:19) – 1962

Gumby rescues the princess from the castle of the black knight with the help of a morph which changes into a small elephant.

Episode 56: King for a Day

(5:28) – 1962

Gumby saves the King of Ott by jousting with the black knight and winning in an original manner.

Episode 57: Rain for Roo

(5:44) – 1962

Gumby shows King Ott how to make rain for his dry kingdom, but something goes wrong and it rains mud instead. This causes a number of problems in the kingdom of Roo, which are up to Gumby to fix.

Episode 58: Santa Witch

(5:57) – 1963

Santa gets sick, and the witch is called on to fly the toy-laden sled through the sky. The children receive a big surprise on this particular Christmas.

Episode 59: Scrooge Loose

(6:40) – 1963

Scrooge escapes from his book and sets out to wreck all the toys in the toyshop, but Gumby, playing detective, captures Scrooge right at the crucial moment.

Episode 60: Pigeon in a Plum Tree

(7:08) – 1964

Prince Harold tries to find a partridge in a pear tree as a special Christmas gift for his girlfriend, but at the toy store he is sold a pigeon in a plum tree instead. Before the happy ending occurs, the prince battles a wolf and rescues an elf, all with the help of Pokey.

Episode 61: Dragon Witch

(5:03) –1964

Gumby’s pals, Henry and Rodgy, set out to rescue a damsel in distress. The damsel turns out to be a witch who is about to be eaten by a dragon. Using Rodgy as a decoy, Henry lassoes the dragon’s tail.

Episode 62: Treasure for Henry

(6:55) – 1964

Gumby’s friends, Henry and Rodgy, sneak into the hold of a pirate ship. They are caught whilst helping themselves to some of the pirate’s loot. A Man-O-War attacks the pirate ship and Henry helps defeat the pirates.

Episode 63: Who’s What?

(5:44) – 1964

A bear is playing with clay when a sculpture he has made comes to life. The creature becomes a lion who immediately begins chasing Henry and his other ‘claymates’.

Episode 64: The Reluctant Gargoyles

(3:55) – 1964

While building a tinker-toy high-rise structure, Prickle and Goo are incessantly bothered by the mischievous Blockheads, who attempt to destroy the structure by catapulting watermelons at Prickle and trying to knock it over with a bulldozer. Goo captures the Blockheads in a unique fashion and takes them to the top of the tower where they are mounted as gargoyles for punishment.

Episode 65: Tricky Train


The Gumbopolis Gadget Works sends Gumby a whole box full of new toys to test. One of the toys is a little locomotive that makes its own track as it goes along. Nopey thinks this is great for him to chase and poor Gumby has quite a time before he gets both of the under control.

Episode 66: Siege of Boonesborough

(4:47) – 1964

Daniel Boone brings Gumby to Boonesborough. The Shawnee Indians pick this very moment to attack the fort. Again, our little clay friend comes up with the winning idea and the fort is saved.

Episode 67: Missile Bird

(4:58) – 1964

An escaped missile bird has the entire Air Force trying to capture it but it isn’t until Gumby turns the Missile Bird into a Love Bird that the country is safe again.

Episode 68: Good Knight Story

(4:35) – 1964

Gumby’s friend, Prickle, is mistaken for a fierce dragon but Gumby, dressed in knight’s armor, captures the real dragon using a very sticky substance provided by Goo.

 Episode 69: The Blue Goo

(4:26) – 1964

While fighting the Black Baron in his tri-plane, Gumby crashes. Pokey and Prickle vow to carry on the fight for Gumby. Goo is ordered to remain on the ground because she is a girl – but Goo has her own ideas about that – and it is through her efforts that the mission is carried out successfully.

Episode 70: A Hair-Raising Adventure

(4:13) – 1964

Prickle is about to try Professor Kap’s new hair growing formula when the Blockheads grab the liquid. Gumby and Prickle set off in hot pursuit while the Blockheads keep their lead by shooting them with candy. Eventually, the liquid itself plays a role in the capture of the Blockheads. At last, Prickle can try the formula but he is in for quite a surprise.

Episode 71: Goo for Pokey

(4:30) – 1965

Goo plays several tricks on Pokey getting him in trouble at school. This is not at al to Pokey’s liking so he tries to get away from Goo. This proves to be much more difficult than he anticipated.

Episode 72: Candidate for President

(5:38) – 1965

Gumby is nominated for President. Prickle and Goo interview the country’s great presidents of the past so that they can help their friend in his campaign.

Episode 73: Gumby’s Fire Department

(3:53) – 1965

Fireman Gumby goes to the rescue of Professor Kap and his laboratory in this exciting episode. Things seem pretty hopeless for the professor until Goo manages to come up with an idea for smothering the fire.

Episode 74: Making Squares

(4:19) – 1965

The villainous Blockheads want robots to work in their factory. Pokey, Prickle and Goo are captured, placed on the conveyer belt and turned into Blockheads for this purpose. Luckily, Gumby has a scheme for fixing things and the Blockheads are given a taste of their own medicine before Gumby is through with them.

Episode 75: Golden Iguana

(4:53) – 1965

Prickle wins a national pet contest and is awarded a prize golden iguana. The professor mixes a special formula for its food but there is one wrong ingredient. This causes the iguana to double its size. The blockheads decide to take the iguana but Gumby again manages to foil them. Before things are over though, the iguana gives them all a shock.

Episode 76: School for Squares

(5:36) – 1965

The pesky Indians need help. Strange things are happening to their children. They are captured, sent to a special school and when they return, their shapes have changed. Gumby soon discovers that his old enemies, the Blockheads, are the cause of the trouble. He sends in Goo to capture them and teach them a good lesson.

Episode 77: Magic Flute

(3:59) – 1965

Goo has a wonderful flute. Whenever it is played, objects dance. Prickle and Pokey are building a fence and see the flute as a device to get out of some work. However, it doesn’t quite turn out as they had hoped and Gumby ends up calling the tune.

Episode 78: The Ferris Wheel Mystery

(4:57) – 1965

Gumby has a detective agency in this adventure. A very baffling mystery is given to him to solve by Bill Waffle from the carnival. Bill’s prizes of stuffed animals are disappearing from under his nose. Sherlock Pokey tries to solve the case.

Episode 79: Mason Hornet

(4:38) – 1966

Pokey and Prickle are playing ball in the toyshop. Their play is interrupted dramatically by an intruding hornet. Goo is there and informs Gumby of the problem – the hornet encases everyone and everything in little yellow bricks. Only a hammer can free the victims. Goo finally persuades the hornet to repair the damage and free everybody by reversing its process.

Episode 80: Prickle’s Problem

(4:46) – 1966

Prickle feels that he goes unnoticed and that his life lacks excitement. While eating ice cream with Gumby, Pokey and Goo, Prickle notices a baby about to be hit by a car. He saves the child and becomes famous – but his fame turns out to be a curse, as the evil Doctor Zveegee decides he wants to capture Prickle to add to his collection.

Episode 81: The Golden Gosling

(4:50) – 1966

The King’s main occupation is counting his golden eggs laid by a captive goose that is under a witch’s spell to lay only golden eggs. A servant’s carelessness allows the goose to escape out the window. It lands by Gumby and Pokey who are having a picnic in the park. The king’s soldier finds and arrests them all and retrieves the goose that has already drunk a potion to cure the gold-egg-laying spell. When the king learns the goose can only lay real eggs he is sad, but Gumby assures him that real golden goslings are more valuable than gold.

Episode 82: A Groobee Fight

(4:48) – 1966

The devious Blockheads manage to get their hands on another Groobee, and in doing so manages to frame Gumby for kidnapping. Gumby solves the issue by setting his Groobee upon the Blockheads and boxing them up before they can cause any more trouble.

Episode 83: The Gumby League

(3:54) – 1966

The Gumby League and the Blockheads play are locked in a tense baseball match. Things looks grim when The Gumby League strike out, but some inventive field work from Gumby, Pokey and Professor Kap saves the day.

Episode 84: Pilgrims on the Rocks

(6:08) – 1966

Gumby and Pokey meet a little pilgrim boy who takes them to the Mayflower. Here they learn some of the reasons why the pilgrims came to America. Before the adventure is over, Gumby takes a hand in bringing the ship safely into harbor.

Episode 85: Pokey’s Price

(6:59) – 1966

Gumby and Pokey go to the rescue of their friends at Plymouth when they learn that the pilgrims are almost out of food. Pokey discovers a cache of corn, but trouble develops when Indians claim the corn.

Episode 86: Son of Liberty

(7:20) – 1966

In trying to get a message to Paul Revere, Gumby and Pokey are pursued by General Gage’s soldiers. Just as capture seems inevitable, Gumby’s cage building friend, The Groobee, sends the soldiers packing.

Episode 87: Gumby Crosses the Delaware

(7:03) – 1966

Gumby and Pokey bring 3000 Gumburgers to General Washington’s army. The General enlists the help of Pokey as his special spy when he learns about the amazing workings of Pokey’s walkie-talkie. Gumby nearly dooms his pal by calling him in the middle of enemy territory.

Episode 88: Of Clay and Critters

(3:29) – 1967

A surrealistic film where strange things happen to Gumby and Pokey on the desert and in the forest. A mysterious box falls off a truck in the desert. It ‘digests’ Gumby and Pokey and then lets them float away in the form of umbrellas. From nowhere a weird artist enters following a traveling thumb he is trying to paint as he carries his easel, pallet and brush with him. In a forest a strange plant reacts to water by expelling little seed-people.

Episode 89: Tricky Ball

(4:02) – 1967

Gumby and Nopey play with a trick ball. This very unusual ball turns various colors, rolls in opposite directions, grows bigger and ends up chasing the pair through the toy store.

Episode 90: Dragon Daffy

(4:22) – 1967

Prickle can’t get an ice cream soda because the shopkeeper thinks he is a dragon, and dragons melt the ice cream. Prickle enlists the help of Gumby, who travels to dinosaur land to find Prickle’s mother. Angry at the bully shopkeeper, Prickles mother travels to the ice cream store and gives the mean man what for.

Episode 91: Super Spray

(5:31) – 1967

The professor has come up with a great invention – a spray that will shrink objects. Prickle and Pokey decide to have some fun with it and head for the zoo. All kinds of funny things happen when the spray is used, until they come to the gorilla. Then they wish they had left the spray in the Professor’s lab. Gumby and the Professor arrive in time to rescue them.

Episode 92: The Big Eye

(5:03) – 1967

Gumby and Pokey shrink themselves down to microscopic size when Gumby’s hemoglobin friend, Fred, is having his oxygen stolen by a seemingly malicious scientist germ. When confronted about their actions, the scientist germs explain that they need the oxygen for their rocket ship to investigate a giant eye that has been peering at them.

Episode 93: Lawn Party

(6:36) – 1967

Gumby introduces some of his ‘human friends’ as they have a most peculiar picnic.

Episode 94: Mystic Magic

(4:11) – 1967

Prickle wants to be an artist, but does not want to study for years. Luckily a mysterious man gives him an artifact that turns whatever it touches into a work of art. Prickle is excited at the prospect of becoming an artist, but quickly realizes that he has gotten more than he has bargained for.

Episode 95: Puppy Dog School

(4:21) – 1967

A dog trainer attempts to teach Nopey four new words, but finds it far more difficult than he anticipated. After some frustration, the trainer finds a clever way to earn his pay.

Episode 96: Puppy Talk

(4:07) – 1967

Gumby and Pokey stumble across Madam She’s Fog School, where dogs can learn to talk. They take a liking to one particular underachiever who can only say ‘no’, and with some quick thing, Gumby and Pokey use the dogs limited talents to prevent a trip to the dog pound.

Episode 97: Moon Madness

(3:52) – 1967

Prickle and Pokey think they are being chased by mechanical feet with legs attached. Gumby tells them they are crazy, until he is reminded by Goo of a mistake he made that might explain the curious happenings.

Episode 98: Shady Lemonade

(4:05) – 1967

Gumby, Prickle, Pokey and Goo are tricked by the nasty soda salesman. While figuring out how to get even, they stumble across a man who is distressed that his cat is stuck in a tree. The gang rescue the cat and are rewarded handsomely, which gives them the perfect opportunity to get their revenge.

Episode 99: Prickle Turns Artist

(4:04) – 1967

Prickle opens a box making business, but quickly angers his customers by painting faces on their items. Things look grim until the local art critic turns up and declares Prickle’s creations a work of genius.

Episode 100: Piano Rolling Blues

(4:39) – 1967

The evil professor can’t concentrate due to a noisy piano player next door, so he arranges for Gumby to move the piano away. Just as the plan seems successful, the professor gets greedy and lands himself in some serious trouble.

Episode 101: Hot Ice

(4:52) – 1967

The evil professor wants to steal Goo’s ice jewels, but when he gets too greedy, he ends up in the cooler.

Episode 102: Haunted Hot Dog

(4:16) – 1967

Gumby and Pokey run out of gas while on a drive in the country. They enter an old house looking for help, but instead find an old friend who scares the daylights out of them.

Episode 103: The Moon Boggles

(5:18) – 1967

The Moon Boggles escape from their cage at the zoo, causing everyone to panic. Gumby and Pokey do their best to capture them, but end up frozen. Thankfully, the Moon Boggles only wanted a little fresh air.

Episode 104: Do-It-Yourself Gumby

(4:26) – 1967

Gumby has created a machine that can make whatever he wants. After a few successful tests, things go terribly wrong and Gumby learns that if you want something done, you’re better off doing it yourself.

Episode 105: Behind the Puffball

(4:17) – 1968

Puff balls and gold balls get mixed in this miniature golf game of Pokey and Prickle. Pokey’s puff ball becomes a gigantic growing ball absorbing everything in its path. Gumby and Goo race to the rescue with the fire truck and dissolve the ball with the water hose.

Episode 106: Weight and See

(4:46) – 1968

Gumby has his fortune told by a weighing machine. When the fortune begins to come true he immediately decides to investigate this amazing machine. There is quite a surprise in store when he looks inside.

Episode 107: Pokey Minds the Baby

(4:38) – 1968

Gumby turns baby sitter in this episode but when Pokey’s help is enlisted, trouble begins. Little baby Goobalee crawls out the door and from then on, has a really wild adventure.

Episode 108: A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

(5:44) – 1968

Gumby tries to grow coconuts despite the fact the climate won’t allow it. Disappointed when nothing grows, Gumby enlists the help of a special formula that helps the trees bear fruit – the only problem is, it’s the wrong kind of fruit.

Episode 109: Grub Grabber Gumby


Gumby can’t eat just one cookie. After eating more than allowed, he realizes he must right his wrong, but can only think of one thing – eating. Will his appetite be his undoing?

Episode 110: All Broken Up

(3:59) – 1968

Prickle and Goo put on a performance piece, but the pesky Blockheads ruin everything. Gumby comes to the rescue and shows the Blockheads how it feels to be all broken up.

Episode 111: This Little Piggy


Gumby is determined to win a prize at next month’s fair for his pet pig, but Gumby’s grandfather warns Gumby that raising a pig isn’t easy. Gumby is concerned when the pig won’t eat, but Gumby’s grandfather sees the problem and helps his grandson.

Episode 112: Wishful Thinking

(4:50) – 1968

It is Prickle’s first birthday and the gang convinces Prickle to make a wish. Prickle locks himself away for fear his friends will trick him into revealing his wish – and his friends try to trick him into revealing his wish so Prickle will come out to play. Several elaborate failed plots later, Prickle realizes he’s forgotten his wish anyway.

Episode 113: Turnip Trap

(4:09) – 1968

Prickle remembers his birthday wish and in his excitement, accidentally builds his friends into a cage. A farmer comes and offers to fill the cage with turnips so that Pokey, Gumby and Goo can climb out. Incidentally, this unusual method of escape ends up granting Prickle’s wish.

Episode 114: The Rodeo King

(5:18) – 1968

Pokey thinks he is Bust-a-Bronc, the famous rodeo horse. After Prickle tries to cure him

(to no avail), the gang decide to enter Pokey in a rodeo to set him straight. However, it turns out Pokey is a great rodeo horse, but quickly reconsiders his career when he sees how much media attention a famous pony can get.

Episode 115: Gumby Babysits

(4:12) – 1968

Gumby is asked to baby-sit a troublesome young child. The young boy manages to turn the tables and tell Gumby what to do, before Gumby devises a plot to make the boy behave. However, before he can execute his elaborate plan, the boy’s mother comes home and praises Gumby for his good job.

Episode 116: El Toro

(4:36) –1968

A bull has escaped from the stadium and chases Gumby and Goo up a tree. Prickle thinks he can avoid the bull by acting calm, but he soon ends up in the tree too. Finally Pokey arrives, and promptly scales the branches. All the weight causes the branch to break, but just before the bull can attack, a toreador arrives and saves the day.

Episode 117: Dopey Nopey

(3:57) – 1968

Gumby’s little dog Nopey finds a pair of spectacles. He is sure that wearing them will make him smart. Pokey wants them for the same reason and chases Nopey right into a little boy who settles the argument by taking the glasses.

Episode 118: Gold Rush Gumby

(5:08) – 1968

Gumby and his pals take a trip to the gold country. They find the gold but also find trouble when the hostile Indians appears. The Indians capture them and take them to the chief. Pokey is sure his mane is about to be removed but Gumby discovers that the trouble centres around a toothache. All ends well with Gumby pulling the chief’s tooth and substituting a gold one made from his newly found nugget.

Episode 119: Dog Catchers

(4:50) – 1968

Prickle makes a skateboard for Nopey. Nopey is really enjoying his ride until the dogcatcher goes after him with his net. Gumby and Pokey get on their skateboards to rescue Nopey but the only one who escapes the dogcatcher’s net is Nopey.

Episode 120: Stuck on Books

(4:27) – 1968

Gumby and Pokey can’t understand why Nopey is afraid to go through books to adventureland the way they do. Gumby coaxes but gets nowhere. Pokey tries another method and bucks Pokey through to the other side. Getting him out again though, proves to be a real problem.

Episode 121: Bully For Gumby

(4:22) – 1968

Gumby and Pokey stop to buy apples from Tony’s apple cart. They are having a nice chat when the Blockhead mischief-makers play a joke on them with a toy bull. Gumby thinks of a joke of his own to get even and they end up with the last laugh.

Episode 122: A Bone for Nopey

(4:42) – 1968

Gumby promises Nopey the biggest bone in town. Nopey’s eyes nearly pop out when Gumby makes good his promise by driving him to the Dinosaur Bone State Park. But of course Nopey wants to bury his big bone and the fun comes in when Gumby tries to solve this gigantic problem.

Episode 123: Gabby Auntie

(8:43) – 1968

Gumby and Pokey visit Aunt Gumbiddy. Auntie likes to talk and Pokey gets sleepy and starts to sleepwalk. Gumby and Auntie try to catch the sleeping Pokey but first they have a nightmare of a ride through streets and canyons.

Episode 124: Foxy Box

(original masters not available)

Gumby discovers a mysterious box that seems to have an unlimited supply of interesting toys. A stubborn tractor and a diving plane are but two of the toys that amuse him in this adventure.

Episode 125: Indian Country

(4:25) – 1968

Gumby, Prickle, Pokey and Goo go for a picnic where they are stalked by Indians. Gumby’s friends run away and hide, but Gumby is convinced there are no Indians around. Through a series of lucky circumstances, Gumby prevents the Indians from causing any mischief.

Episode 126: Tail Tale


Pokey agrees to allow Gumby to use him in testing his new teleporter machine, but Gumby has made a mistake in the construction and Pokey ends up with a flowerpot instead of a tail.

Episode 127: Motor Mania

(4:06) – 1968

Gumby and Pokey are in a drag race to Caboodle Corners. Reggie Van Snoot is sure that his high-powered car will defeat them but in the end, Pokey’s horsepower proves superior.

Episode 128: Sticky Pokey

(4:27) – 1968

Pokey is tired of trying to keep out of the clutches of the Blockheads so he goes to Professor Kap for help. The professor and his gluepot provide help all right, but in a most unexpected manner.

Episode 129: Point of Honor

(4:32) – 1968

Gumby is angry. Prickle is trying to win Goo’s favor at Gumby’s expense, so Gumby has challenged Prickle to a duel. This turns out to be quite a duel and since all is fair in love and war, many tricks are used. Goo is the only one who wins this round,

Episode 130: Indian Challenge


Prospector Pete has been telling lies about the Indians causing trouble amongst his people. The chief of the Indian tribe, Old Joe, is angry and seeking revenge. Gumby and Pokey spy on Old Joe to assess the situation, but discover he lies just as much as Prospector Pete. To settle issues, Joe and Pete enter a tall tale contest – whoever loses has to stop telling stories.