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1950’s Episode List


(3:00) – 1953

The first clay animation film by Art Clokey and the work that helped give birth to the Gumby phenomenon. A series of clay shapes twist, turn and contort in kaleidoscopic patterns, all set to a happening jazz soundtrack. Sam Engel at 20th Century Fox referred to it as “the most exciting film I’ve ever seen” – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Episode 1: Moon Trip

(5:23) – 1956

Gumby discovers a spaceship in a toy store and decides to visit the moon. Upon reaching the moon, his space-ship is destroyed by a meteorite, leaving him stranded and confronted with strange objects that look like rocks, but which sometimes move and sprout eyes.

Episode 2: Gumby on the Moon

(6:10) – 1956

Looking through a telescope, Gumby’s parents discover that Gumby is in great need of help. Gumby’s father sets out to rescue him in a fire engine that has a long extension ladder. Using the fire extinguisher, he sprays the moon creatures and takes Gumby back to earth by retracting the extension ladder.

Episode 3: Trapped on the Moon

(5:48) – 1956

The rock-like moon creatures pursue Gumby to a crater. Here, the low temperature of the moon causes him to become stiff and unable to move. Gumby’s parents bring him back to Earth and revive him in a hospital.

Episode 4: Mirrorland

(5:38) – 1956

On his way to the store, Gumby passes through a part of the toyshop where there are several mirrors. He loses his coin and hunts for it within three of the mirrors. In one of the mirrors, Gumby meets his ‘mirror image’ who tells him that in order to find the coin, he must do everything backwards. Gumby finally succeeds in doing this and the hunt ends successfully.

Episode 5: Lost and Found

(5:53) – 1956

Gumby has a wild ride through buildings and streets while searching for his lost money. The car finally comes to a stop beside a pile of sand and there Gumby finds his coin.

Episode 6: Little Lost Pony

(5:49) – 1956

The episode in which Gumby first meets Pokey. With the promise of a reward of 100 free ice cream cones, Gumby heads off in search of the missing red pony Pokey. Gumby finds Pokey with his hoof caught in a railroad track. Rushing to the rescue, Gumby manages to free Pokey a moment before the train goes by.

Episode 7: The Blockheads

(6:08) – 1956

The Blockheads are bent on kidnapping Pokey, but to succeed in this, they must get rid of Gumby. Their scheme of freezing Gumby enables them to lasso Pokey, but Gumby unfreezes in time to give hot pursuit and rescue the Pony.

Episode 8: The Fantastic Farmer

(5:30) – 1956

Gumby goes to Farmer Glenn’s Ranch. His crops are not growing properly, so Gumby helps in every way he can and finally divides himself into a lot of Gumbys, which go over the fields with many different farm machines.

Episode 9: Gopher Trouble

(5:58) – 1956

In order to feed his large, hungry family, a chemist gopher injects roots of corn plants with a chemical that makes them grow into giant ears and roots. This causes great problems for Farmer Glenn. Gumby solves the problem by inventing a root machine that makes tasty roots out of weeds.

Episode 10: The Black Knight

(5:53) – 1956

Gumby visits a medieval kingdom. Here he finds that he must fight in a joust with the Black Knight in order to save the kingdom. Just when defeat seems certain for Gumby, a fire-breathing dragon assists him.

Episode 11: Mysterious Fires

(5:21) – 1956

The ingenious Gumby uses a modern invention to help a medieval kingdom, which is threatened with famine because its wheat fields are being destroyed by fires.

Episode 12: Too Loo

(6:01) – 1956

Too and Loo are two music notes who escape from a cracked record with a bully sour note in pursuit. Gumby hides the notes and manages to trap the bully sour note.

Episode 13: Gumby Concerto

(4:57) – 1956

Gumby tries to cheer up two lost musical notes that have forgotten what kind of instrument they came out of. He takes them to music land and cheers them up with various antics.

Episode 14: Robot Rumpus

(5:59) – 1956

Gumby is using robots to do his chores around the house while he and Pokey play, but the robots get out of control and Gumby has a frantic time trying to get things back in order.

Episode 15: Yard Work Made Easy

(5:13) – 1956

Pokey wants Gumby to play with him but Gumby has yard work to keep him from play. Pokey discovers a unique way of getting work done easily and quickly.

Episode 16: Toy Crazy

(6:10) – 1956

It is Gumby’s birthday and he is permitted to choose his own present from the toy store. He selects a train but while he is taking it home, it escapes out of the back of the van he is driving.

Episode 17: Toy Joy

(5:46) – 1956

Gumby tries out various toys in the toy store including a tricycle, musical instruments, a swimming pool, rocking horse and finally a tiny toy train, which he manages to shrink himself into by shrinking himself down to a very small size.

Episode 18: Lion Around

(5:16) – 1956

A lion escapes from the zoo, frightening Gumby and Pokey who have been playing in the park. The lion proves to be friendly and asks Gumby and Pokey to show him how to go about seeing the world. Meanwhile, the zookeeper sets a lion trap to recapture the lion but instead succeeds in capturing Gumby’s father.

Episode 19: Lion Drive

(5:09) – 1956

Richard the lion sets out to see the world in a fast sports car, taking Gumby and Pokey with him. A wild and frightening ride through the streets of the city gets even scarier when they become airborne. Richard wisely decides that life outside the zoo is too much for him.

Episode 20: Eggs and Trixie

(5:36) – 1956

Gumby has a daydream adventure with a young dinosaur named Trixie. The pre-historic adventure provides an authentic view of these times.

Episode 21: Egg Trouble

(5:51) – 1956

Gumby has an exciting adventure in Dinosaurland. Volcanoes erupting, an earthquake and a dinosaur stampede all cause Gumby trouble before his adventure is over.

Episode 22: Odd Balls

(5:13) – 1957

Gumby searches for the sound that will make two odd marbles hard and round again.

Episode 23: Outcast Marbles

(6:02) – 1957

Gumby reads in a storybook about two marbles that have lost their shape and hardness and become soft and pliable. The two marbles suddenly pop out of the book and solicit Gumby’s help in regaining their shape.

Episode 24: Gumby Business

(5:13) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey have many mishaps while trying to play an accordion, look through a microscope and work a chewing gum machine.

Episode 25: Toy Fun

(5:52) – 1957

While playing with toy robots, magical construction sets and toy baking sets, Gumby falls into a toaster. He pops up well browned, but Pokey scrapes off the brown.

Episode 26: The Mocking Monkey

(5:59) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey think they are being chased by a lion whilst on a hunting trip in Africa. Instead, they discover they are hearing a monkey who can imitate any animal in the jungle.

Episode 27: How Not to Trap Lions

(5:09) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey go to Africa to capture a lion to keep Richard The Lion from becoming too lonely at the zoo. They prepare a large trap, but the only animals caught are Gumby and Pokey.

Episode 28: The Magic Show

(5:53) – 1957

Gumby is trapped in Magic Land by Whitey and Red, the local police force. He finally manages to outwit them and make his way back home.

Episode 29: The Magic Wand

(5:42) – 1957

Gumby takes a trip to Magic Land to return the magician’s wand. He is rewarded with a miniature wand that will perform just one magic trick.

Episode 30: The Pokey Express

(5:07) – 1957

Learning that the Pony Express is unable to get riders, Gumby and Pokey volunteer to try to get the mail through. The local tribe do their best to stop them, but in the end the mail is delivered.

Episode 31: Indian Trouble

(5:57) – 1957

While traveling out west, Gumby and Pokey encounter a local tribe who shoot arrows tipped with suction cups. They try to hide but are surrounded. Gumby scares them away by multiplying himself into a whole regiment of Gumby’s.

Episode 32: The Racing Game

(5:29) – 1957

Gumby, Pokey and the Blockheads compete in an exciting auto race. Many obstacles must be overcome before Gumby becomes the winner.

Episode 33: Gumby Racer

(5:38) – 1957

When the Blockheads sabotage the racer Gumby and Pokey are using, Gumby forms himself into a small but powerful racer and ends the race as the winner.

Episode 34: Rain Spirits

(6:42) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey are playing in a toy swimming pool when a Hopi Native American boy appears. He is lost, so Gumby helps him find his way to the rain spirits’ cave. Gumby and Pokey see the dramatic results of the visit to the spirits’ caves.

Episode 35: The Kachinas

(6:16) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey accompany a Hopi Native American boy to look for rain spirits, or Kachinas.  The Kachinas send rain for the corn and the crops are saved.

Episode 36: Toying Around

(5:59) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey have fun in a toyshop. An inflated balloon carries Pokey high in the air and Gumby must find a method for rescuing his pal.

Episode 37: Toy Capers

(5:27) – 1957

Many toys come to life in Gumby’s toyshop and chase Gumby through an amusement park. Gumby and Pokey have scary rides on the monorail train, the ferris wheel and the cars.

Episode 38: In The Dough

(6:02) – 1957

An animated piece of dough induces Gumby to visit a huge automated bakery to learn the secret of good baking. They reach a big oven only to find that the dough waiting to be baked has taken on menacing shapes, which surround Gumby and Pokey.

Episode 39: Baker’s Tour

(5:49) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey encounter rolling pins, cookie decorators and animated bread dough before emerging from the oven as cookies on a cookie sheet.

Episode 40: Tree Trouble

(5:55) – 1957

Gumby and Pokey take a big excavation machine into the forest to dig for buried treasure. In their digging they uproot a tree in which an owl is asleep. The owl tells them a story to help them be more careful when they are in the woods.

Episode 41: Eager Beavers

(6:03) – 1957

Gumby starts to go for a swim but finds his river suddenly dry. He and his forest friends hunt for the cause and find that a couple of beavers are the culprits.

Episode 42: Train Trouble

(4:35) – 1957

Gumby wins a toy train in a contest, but has trouble collecting his prize because the train keeps trying to get away. The little train enlists the help of a big train to escape, but in the end the little train befriends Gumby and lets him take a ride.

Episode 43: In A Fix

(4:34) – 1957

Gumby, Pokey and some clay birds get up to some clever hi-jinks with some very interesting toys.