Website and Google Doodle Acknowledgements

We greatly appreciate that Google chose to honor Art Clokey for his accomplishments. We’d like to acknowledge some of the talented people we’ve had the pleasure of working with for the Google doodle stop motion animation and new website:

Anthony Scott – Animator

Anthony, one of the world’s top animators, animated the Gumby Google doodle in celebration of Art Clokey’s 90th birthday. He worked on the 1980’s Gumby TV series under Art Clokey and the Davey and Goliath Snowboard special in 2004, under the direction of Joe Clokey, producer. He’s also known for his work on Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline and Corpse Bride.

Nicole LaPointe-McKay

Nicky created the puppets for the Google doodle stop motion animation. She’s worked as the lead puppet maker on a number of other Premavision studio productions, such as Gumby and the Astrobots. Her puppets are expertly crafted, and she’s always eager to jump in to create sets and props…anything that is needed.

Cecily Crout and Kevin Udy from CCSEO

Cecily and Kevin are amazing technical wizards when it comes to SEO and website implementation. Our new website would not be possible without them. They have expert experience, enthusiasm and the drive to go above and beyond.

Inka Traktman of Greenfire Strategies

Inka is a marketing genius with a proven track record working in a wide range of industries and with a myriad of businesses.  Her broad knowledge base and skill set allows her to get the job done—yielding outstanding results.

A very special thank you to Joan Rock Clokey for providing the vision for the website and designing an impressive visual experience. Without the personal firsthand knowledge and dedication of  Gumby champion Joe Clokey, the content of the site would not have been so rich.

Well done, team!