The Adventures of Gumby – 1960s Series, Vol. 1 DVD with Bendable Pokey Toy

The Adventures of Gumby - 1960s Series, Vol. 1 DVD with Bendable Pokey Toy

The Adventures of Gumby, the 1960s Series, Volume 1, collector's edition includes 220 minutes of wild Gumby adventures in the original episode lengths as first aired in the 60s with their original soundtracks. It also features a 1960's style bendable Pokey toy. You've never seen Gumby like this before!



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Join Gumby and Pokey for fun-filled adventures in this amazing new 60’s set! You’ll enjoy over 40 clay-animated episodes, fully re-mastered from their original camera rolls and soundtracks. These cleverly written stories engage both children and adults with timeless themes that captivate today’s audiences as they did when first released. Gumby and Pokey are drawn into the past, present and future and to far-flung places for completely unique and sometimes surreal experiences. Prickle, Goo, Professor Kapp, Marshal Dill Pickle, King Ott, the Groobee, Zoops, the Witty Witch, Rodgy & Henry, Hotrod Granny, and other whimsical characters debut. For the first time ever, you’ll get the complete Gumby Pilot that aired on NBC. Other special features include: Space Ball, a rare episode that first introduced Professor Kapp; a tour of the 1964 Clokey Productions studio; and a special behind-the-scenes photo gallery. Imaginative, comical and heart-filled. That’s Gumby! Our loveable heroes, their friends and the mischievous Blockheads are off for yet another adventure!

Format: Animated, DVD, Original recording re-mastered, NTSC

Language: English

Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)

Aspect Ratio: For best viewing set TV to 4:3 aspect ratio.

Number of discs: 1

Rated: Unrated

DVD Release Date: February 23, 2016

Run Time:  220 minutes, 40 episodes

Extras:  First Aired Pilot Episode with sound, “Space Ball” episode, “Behind-the-Scenes” footage, Photo Gallery

Bonus: 1960s style Pokey Bendable toy