Gumby & Pokey 1950s Style Bendable Toys

Gumby & Pokey 1950s Style Bendable Toys

For the first time ever, 1950s style bendable toys are available! In celebration of Gumby's 60th anniversary, these bendable, posable figures match the shape and color of the puppets in the earliest Gumby episodes.



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Creator Art Clokey did not want to take advantage of children, so he refused to merchandise Gumby in the 1950s. After receiving thousands of letters from fans begging for Gumby toys, Art finally relented and released the first Gumby toy in 1964, which was modeled after the puppets in the 60’s episodes. Now, for the first time, toys in the style of the 1950’s Gumby puppets can be purchased.

Gumby is approximately 6″ tall.