Gumby Graphic Novel 1: Fifty Shades of Clay

Gumby Graphic Novel 1: Fifty Shades of Clay

Gumby's back in all-new comics! This graphic novel, created by an all-star cast of talent, is a compilation of nine fun stories paired with amazing illustrations. Fans of all ages will love these unique adventures, which capture the true spirit of Gumby.

$8.99 — $13.99

Join Gumby and his pals as they befriend moon monsters and outwit the Blockheads. See what unfolds as our clay duo ventures into the land of Ice Cream and deep down into a secret underwater world. How will Gumby ever find Goo when she goes missing in Paris? What could possibly go wrong when Pokey brings home his new model friend? Hawaii calls to Granny; Gumby turns green with envy; Paul Plunk returns to help Gumby out with a note gone sour; and Gumby and Pokey turn Ninja! All your favorite characters are back for more clay adventures.

The talented writers and illustrators: Jeff Whitman, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Baker, Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, Eric Esquivel, Mike Kazaleh, Sholly Fisch, Jolyon Yates, Art Baltazar, and more, have created some memorable and heartwarming new adventures.

The book is getting great reviews:

“Gumby is such a singular entity in the pop culture landscape that his re-introduction back into the popular consciousness here packs a strong, nostalgic punch while retaining the vintage, innocent sheen of the early morning cartoons.” –Comics Beat

“Captures the feeling of old cartoons. There is a strong emphasis on friendship, energy, and a touch (or several) of the charmingly weird.” –Adventures in Poor Taste!

“The art is fantastic and illustrates Gumby and Pokey beautifully. They are just how you originally remember them.” –First Comics News.

“Why do I have the feeling Gumby will be a dark-horse contender for an Eisner next year? Because weirder things have happened.” –15th Dimension Hot Picks for the Week

“Papercutz is putting some major talent on the book.” –The AV Club

“Funny, well-rendered, and the right kind of weird, and sure to call back memories of a simpler Saturday morning kind of fun.” –Newsarama


Published by Papercutz, the #1 Children’s Graphic Novel Publisher

88 Pages

Available in Paperback and Hard Cover