Gumby Goes to the Sun – Book

Gumby Goes to the Sun - Book

A beautifully illustrated, imaginative story about Gumby and his trip to the sun.



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This creative and imaginative story with its brilliant colors and beautiful illustrations by Holly Harman, holds one’s interest reading after reading. The story and the artwork draws one into this magical fantasy world called Gumbasia.

The book is 49 pages long, has a paper jacket and measures a little over 9” wide x 10″  tall. The book was produced to coincide with Gumby’s 50th Anniversary.

The adventure begins in Professor Kapp’s experimental laboratory where Gumby and Pokey help Professor Kapp make a test run in his new Spaceship, with it’s destination to the Moon. Thrown off course by the Blockheads, sneaking in and changing the controls on the computer, Gumby and Pokey are sent to the Sun by surprise. They survive their landing on the Sun and meet the Sun people, with their advanced solar technologies. Gumby and Pokey receive gifts from the Sun King and Queen and take them back to Gumbasia, where they have many more fun-filled adventures, and share what they have brought back from the Sun, to the delight of their family and friends.

Holly Harman’s stepfather, Art Clokey, is the father of clay animation and the creator of Gumby, Pokey and Pals. Holly’s mother, Gloria Harman Clokey, Art Clokey’s wife, was the former Art Director for the Gumby TV series and Gumby Movie. Gloria was the voice of Goo. Holly is the voice of Minga, Gumby’s sister. Holly also created the set designs, murals, storyboards, models and props for the Gumby series and movie.

Holly is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. She has worked as a fine arts painter, advertising art director and graphic designer for many years. She also taught Graphic Design and Printing Technology at San Francisco City College. Holly has produced three other Gumby children’s books, which were published by Chronicle Books. This book, Gumby Goes to the Sun is self-published and represents the culmination of Holly’s years of art and design expertise.