Gumby Comic Book #1

Gumby Comic Book #1

Great new Gumby adventures coming your way in these all-new comics by Papercutz! How will Gumby handle an invasion of the triangle people from the moon? What could go wrong when Pokey brings home his new model friend? Then, see what happens when Gumby and Pokey venture into the chilly Land of Ice Cream.


Papercutz, the world’s #1 kids’ graphic novel publisher, has launched an entirely new series of comic books and graphic novels featuring everyone’s favorite clayboy. Each comic book issue includes three original stories and dramatic art created by an all-star team of writers and artists.




Issue #1 includes:

“An Alien Abundance”

  • Jeff Whitman, Writer
  • Jolyon Yates, Artist
  • Laurie E. Smith, Colorist
  • Janice Chiang & Calvin Louie, Letterers

“Model-y Crew”

  • Kyle Baker, Writer, Artist, Colorist, Letterer

“Gumby and Pokey in the Land of Ice Cream”

  • Ray Fawkes, Writer
  • Jolyon Yates, Artist
  • Matt Herms, Colorist
  • Janice Chiang & Calvin Louie, Letterers

Rick Geary, Cover Artist

Laurie E. Smith, Cover Colorist

This is a limited edition, collector’s edition.

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