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  • Gumby 2006 Comic Book #1


    Gumby and his new female friend Cuddles head to the circus for a fun yet harrowing adventure in this comic.

  • Gumby 2006 Comic Book #2


    Behold the Golem! Gumby returns to the circus, clowns around, and is put into a trance in this wacky story.

  • Gumby 2007 Retro Comic Book #3


    The Bumblebrats are making trouble for Gumby again. Is that really a giant angry porkchop? The saga of books 1 and 2 continue in this bizarre adventure.

  • Gumby Comic Book #1


    Great new Gumby adventures coming your way in these all-new comics by Papercutz! How will Gumby handle an invasion of the triangle people from the moon? What could go wrong when Pokey brings home his new model friend? Then, see what happens when Gumby and Pokey venture into the chilly Land of Ice Cream.

  • Gumby Comic Book #2


    Gumby and pals cruise on into Issue 2 of these all-new comics by Papercutz! Will Gumby find Goo when she goes missing in Paris? Discover how to sweeten a sour note when Gumby visits Paul Plunk. Then, see what happens when Gumby and Pokey go Ninja.

  • Gumby Comic Book #3


    See what the world's favorite clayboy is up to in these three all-new stories. Is it really possible that Gumby could turn green with envy? See how he deals with a very bad influence. True to form, Gumby and friends lend a helping hand when they visit the Land of the Obellos. And, Gumby joins Granny on the vacation of a lifetime to Hawaii.

  • Gumby Graphic Novel 1: Fifty Shades of Clay

    from $8.99

    Gumby's back in all-new comics! This graphic novel, created by an all-star cast of talent, is a compilation of nine fun stories paired with amazing illustrations. Fans of all ages will love these unique adventures, which capture the true spirit of Gumby.