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Gumby Imagined book coverGumby Imagined, The Story of Art Clokey and His Creations, the ultimate Gumby retrospective is now available. Written by the Joan and Joe Clokey, this 300-page art book is packed incredible photos and never-before-told stories of Art’s life and the characters he created.all DVD sets

Gumby DVDs! Get your favorite classic, remastered Gumby episodes in these gift sets, which include bendable toys and fun extras. Check out the newest additions to the collection: The New Adventures of Gumby – The 80s Vol. 1 which includes Prickle and Goo bendable toys, and The Best of Gumby, featuring Gumby fans’ favorite episodes.


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  • Arctic Antics - DVD


    Save 40%

    Great for the holidays! This fun new collection of re-mastered episodes with original soundtracks will get you into that jolly spirit - in true Gumby style.

  • Blockheads Bendable Figures


    Save 15%

    Watch out Gumby and Pokey! Here comes trouble! These figures are bendable and posable. They stand almost 4.5" tall.

  • Gumbitties - In Bulk

    from $65.00

    Our mini bendable Gumbys are now available in bulk. They make great party favors and event giveaways. Minimum order: 25 pieces.

  • Gumby & Pals Bendable Set


    Save 7%

    Get the gang: Gumby and pals bendable, posable figures. Gumby is just under 6" tall, and Pokey is approximately 4.75" tall. The other characters are progressively smaller.

  • Gumby & Pokey 1950s Style Bendable Toys


    Save 19%

    For the first time ever, 1950s style bendable toys are available! In celebration of Gumby's 60th anniversary, these bendable, posable figures match the shape and color of the puppets in the earliest Gumby episodes.

    This product is out of stock.
  • Gumby & Pokey Bendable Figures


    Save 15%

    Gumby and Pokey together again. Get the pair, and let your imagination create some fun adventures. These figures are bendable and posable. Gumby is almost 6" tall, and Pokey is approximately 4.75" tall.

  • Gumby & Pokey Bendable Toys - The World's Smallest


    Save 29%

    Meet the World's Smallest bendable Gumby and Pokey toys! Yes, they are really poseable, and they're so tiny that they fit on a dime.

  • Gumby & Pokey Cookie Cutters


    Save 10%

    Make your own tasty Gumby and Pokey cookies for the next party with these cute cookie cutters.

  • Gumby & Pokey Gumbitties


    Save 13%

    A smaller version of your favorite characters. These pocket-size toys are bendable and posable. Gumby is 2.75" tall.

  • Gumby & Pokey Gumbitties - Retro


    Save 13%

    Retro Gumbitties - a mini version of the Gumby and Pokey figures in the style of the 1960's. Made for Gumby's 50th anniversary, these figures are bendable and posable. Gumby is 2.75" tall.

  • Gumby & Pokey Gummies (Gummy Candy)

    from $4.50

    Save 9% — 22%

    Squeeze 'em, tickle 'em, stretch 'em, chew 'em! As fun to play with as to eat, your favorite claymation characters come to life in these adorable gummy candies. Way yummier than clay, Gumby & Pokey Gummies feature delicious flavors of green apple and orange mango! You won't be able to eat just one.

  • Gumby & Pokey Image Soaps


    Bath time is play time with Gumby and Pokey. A fun Gumby image is embedded in each of these smooth glycerin soaps. 13 different designs! Get squeaky clean with Gumby and Pokey.

  • Gumby & Pokey In Disguise


    Save 15%

    We've added a little mystery to your favorite Gumby and Pokey bendable toys. Yes, it's Gumby and Pokey in disguise, with a twist!

  • Gumby 'N Me App

    Add Gumby, Pokey and pals to your favorite photos with this awesome new free iPhone app.

  • Gumby - Many Moods


    Save 7%

    What kind of Gumby are you? Adventurous? Kind? These colorful 6" Gumby bendable toys are ready for any occasion.

  • Gumby Accessory Pouch

    from $12.95

    Save 13% — 17%

    Get organized with Gumby. This zippered canvas pouch is a great way to carry and organize school supplies, small personal items, electronic accessories and more. Available in two sizes.

  • Gumby Bath Fizzies


    Save 20%

    Add some fun and fizz to your bath with Gumby bath fizzie dust. 1.75 oz of bath powder. A great complement to the Gumby and Pokey toy soaps.

  • Gumby Beach Towel: "Best Friends"


    Save 12%

    Gumby and Pokey would love to join you at the beach or pool. Wrap yourself up in this cheerful lightweight beach towel.

  • Gumby Beach Towel: "Big Face"


    Save 12%

    Be the star at the beach or pool with this iconic Gumby Face lightweight beach towel.

  • Gumby Beach Towel: "Chilling"


    Save 12%

    There's no better place to chill with Gumby than at the beach or pool. Spread out this lightweight beach towel and enjoy!

  • Gumby Bendable Figure


    Save 11%

    A classic. Every child and adult (with a child within) needs one. Bendable and posable figure, nearly 6" tall.

  • Gumby Bendable Figure - Retro


    Save 11%

    Created to celebrate Gumby's 50th birthday. This rendition of Gumby is from the 1960's and comes in retro-style packaging. Gumby's ready for adventure. Bendable, posable. Approximately 6" tall.

  • Gumby Bendable: Doctor Gumby


    Save 11%

    Doctor Gumby is now making house calls. This fun 6" bendable figure will surely warm the hearts of patients, doctors and other medical professionals. Gumby's smile is infectious.

  • Gumby Bendable: Semper Gumby


    Save 11%

    Semper Gumby! (always flexible) is the motto of the Marines. It's also used by the Navy. This 6" bendable figure is the perfect reminder to remain flexible.

  • Gumby Canvas Tote Bag

    from $19.95

    Save 20% — 21%

    Take Gumby and Pokey wherever you go in one of our fun tote bags. These premium heavy duty canvas totes are printed on both sides. Available in three sizes.